About us

  • My name is Navneet Kumar and I am a Dialysis Technologist. I have completed my graduation in Dialysis Technology (B.Voc In Dialysis Technology) from TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE, Mumbai Maharashtra. I have an overall experiance of 7 years in the field of Dialysis Technology and Patient Care. I started my dialysis technologist journey under one of the best Nephrologist Dr. Rajesh B Kumar and his team.

My experties in Dialysis Technology are :-

Management of Hypertension and Hypotension during Dialysis. 

Electrolyte balance

To maintain fluid amount in body

Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis (SLED)


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Home Dialysis and 

Maintenance of Reverse Osmosis Plant for good Quality of RO Water 

Navneet Kumar

The Founder


Vasculo Kidney Care was registered in 2021 with aim to provide affordable all type of dialysis services in Purnea Bihar.

My father was on Dialysis since 2013-2015. But he lost his life due to lack of Quality Dialysis & Patient Education. So i decided to provide world-class dialysis to the kidney failure Patient. After that, I joined TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE for complete knowledge of all type of Dialysis services under Dr. Rajesh B Kumar (Nephrologist) and Sudhir Bagarao (Technical Head of AKC). And I graduated in Dialysis Technology (B.voc In Dialysis Technology) from TISS,  Mumbai Maharashtra. 

After being an employee of a dialysis service provider company for around 5 years, we came to know that the same level of best services should be provided to my hometown’s people and hence, I quit the job and did my first Startup.

Startup was established with an aim to provide world-class services.

At Vasculo Kidney Care, we love to provide best care and dialysis services.